All right here we go for the last one of these will pick up where I left off I was talking about the Mariners roster on what see their top players is Jay Peak see Crawford and Kendall grave-man who apparently basement remodeling Milwaukee Kendall grave-man in one game a relief pitcher cell J P Crawford though pretty good surprising the defensive player so if you want to GoldGlove it was last year so looks like he wants to win again if you look at other players that they have Kyle seager’s 10017 white Kyle Lewis and the guy I’m pretty sure he won the Rookie of the Year last season cuz I counted color good center fielder Mitch haniger home run hitters that’s exciting jerk when it gets really struggling and he probably needs to go back down to the minors Taylor tramel they have heard of them but you guys only 23 so this is his rookie season I’m pitching was I don’t really think they have an ace you say is there is out there Justin Dunn looks like he’s pitching pretty well I know they have a I have a lot of like basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Do the Mariners have a lot of top prospects by look and see who is their number one guy’s our Clinic is number one Julio Rodriguez is to say my crush in which would not be good but he is playing with the one on I-80 right now Gilbert’s there’s a lot of guys are supposed to be coming up it’s just kind of wind if we look at the oldest team in the league the Brazen the Cubs all fleas are also have not been good Philly low-key are like one of the worst teams of all time try to get gas. Probably the Phillies but I’m going to look up the 2021 Phillies the Phillies when Chase Utley was on the team but Ryan Howard those were some good years together.  barbecue looking Philadelphia there in third place right know how did JT realmuto good Rhys Hoskins Jean Segura Billie Jean see girls is good again when we kind of was what can I watch the Brewers still in the end starting to get really good speed numbers are down but soccer player pictures freaking out though.

I Didi Gregorius kind of forgot about him he’s been hurt he is a guy that last season played really well and he’s always been a pretty big flower heading shortstop and realize that he was 31 years-old though.  basement remodeling Milwaukee on for the couch foam the third baseman he is 24 last year was his rookie year he played really well and I’ll this year he is struggling a little bit still in the precaution forgot he was playing or do below Herrera my bad to 76 he’s still got Speedy’s you know just the guy that you plug and play a good Defender he was an All-Star in 2016 so I Berry brace Harper obviously he’s on the he’s on the IL but you know last year he walked line to get on base a lot he’s always been a really good players average hasn’t always been the best so she’s always been a guy with high Ops no even in his dad’s years like 2018 to walk a lot I used to 60 to 68 to 74 Min first career to to 76 header you was an MPP work in a year All Star so you eat is it was hyped basement remodeling Milwaukee up to be really good and he has been so nothing to say about that bigger down Brad Miller’s our utility guy I don’t really know what he is just like I think and feel they’re left-handed hitter there like every team’s got one of those Nick Madden don’t know what’s by him but he’s a second baseman at shortstop.

So there’s that we look at Mitchell voice really want much Off the Bench though so that means leave Travis Jankowski I just call my young guy Zack Wheeler pictures good are Knoll has been good he was an All-Star I think he’s pretty good just not worth the hype Zach eflin is generally pretty good he’s just struggling it’s kind of just up and down Vince Velasquez is kind of the same and she’s Anderson too so I’d like to see them give him more starts then might as well Jose Alvarado is good for any kinsler’s there closer or no Hector neris Chili’s basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Look at the Phillies top prospects and see who I don’t think they can start Spencer Howard at that Prospect anymore but maybe the cable is there big right-hander in the Syrian ableism prevention gray 3 still the number one Prospect in the -15 overall pick last season they do have Bryson Stott I’m not really hurt him much for him he played in college and now he’s hitting really well in the minors Charleston yeah they think he’s a future shortstop Francisco Morales is a speed up 21 year old the right-hander who has not basement remodeling Milwaukee been pitching good and double-a this year but are real merge Rafael March in this season I haven’t done much but the catcher’s on the others Luis Garcia Adonis Medina mr. last year didn’t do that great but this year in purple he’s pitching really well kind of pitches to contact solid mango like Simon Museum copy power guys pretty fast though so I could be guy that you bring up your hand Rojas is another guy that I wouldn’t bring up so we could and then there is Mickey moniak is Jose he’s an interesting the first overall pick in 2016 but if you look at that he’s got a play the see written in 25 up Matthews 3 hit one home run on throughout his career in the minors he’s just kind of been average but still used to be first overall pick so. You have many choices to choose from, choose back to Basics Builders.