Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Smart Home Ideals?

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Hello I am so very excited that you have tuned in especially after my last article with you thank you for coming back at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s green and it’s exciting today I’m very excited to talk with you about different remodeling projects that are coming up let’s go ahead and take a look at some new ideas here I know there’s a couple ideas here they aren’t we have talked about with different families and I know that some people want kitchen remodels and I know that the modern kitchen doesn’t always look like it should or that it thought you might want it to look like so let’s take a look I’ve been searching some fun remodels this morning and I’m looking at modern kitchen updates and I’m searching for different ideas than some people have done and I know we have recently updated and are currently updating our kitchen and it’s been really busy we do have a toddler so it just makes things a whole lot more complicated than we thought it was going to be I know sometimes we get Soul toward down at life and how busy it can be and in all reality these obstacles in these challenges just bring us so much closer at our children adapt and I know at Back to Basics Builders we are definitely a family-owned business and we know family and we know that family is it is very fragile I should say and a back-to-basics Builders we want you to know that we adore your family and we love it and we want you to know that you’re not in this alone we just want you to know that at back2basics Brothers basement remodeling Milwaukee we know that minor updates can go a very long way and we also know that when you are ready to updating start remodeling things that everything changes a lot of different things begin to change and look different and kids get a little anxious and and we’re also homeschooling at Back to Basics Builders we’re doing it some kind of homeschooling there is actually 7 kids within the business that are being homeschooled throughout the rest of the year per our government errand we are just really excited verint we are making small updates and our families are just so happy and content with the greatness that we have been blessed with a back-to-basics Builders today were adding lacquer to one of our kitchens and today will be the last day and that we will be working on the actual stain and lacquer and tomorrow or the weekend we may be working on the countertops and I’ve been looking at so many different countertops and what to do and how to do it and part of me wants to do great things and part of me wants to just be okay with what we have for now until I can afford something that is a little more permanent and a little more modern but that’s the beauty of updating your home is anything than what you have is better and it doesn’t matter the cost at this point it matters that you’re updating I had to learn that at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want you to know that when we come in and demo your basement and tear it all apart in your kitchen and your closet we’re tearing everything down and we’re starting with nothing we are then moving forward with studs and I always say from the studs up when I’m on a phone call just to get the point across that this is a whole new project this is all new guava new paint is new countertops are new if this is a home that you’re going to be in for a lifetime make it your own if you have it at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we will show you the highest quality the best quality we will also show you things that are affordable we will show you and cancel you throughout this process and that’s what a lot of businesses or I should say companies don’t do much of anymore and that is what makes me so proud of this company is that we continue communication throughout this process and It Back to Basics Builders we love it we love that you can give us a call and we can go over proposals one-on-one we can zoom in on a phone call we can go ahead and talk to you through emails we can do live documentation whatever you prefer we have so many different line so that we don’t miss anything we want you to be covered and completely comfortable with the decisions that you are making with us at Back to Basics Builders we believe in quality we believe in greatness we believe in doing our best when nobody is looking we are a company that is very dependent on the character of integrity and what’s really exciting to me at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee is our new tool that we used to communicate with customers and it allows us to always be in communication with your choices in whatever project you may be working and that means Cabinetry Color Tile Hardware and it just makes me happy it makes me happy to know that Back to Basics Builders we are here to help you we are here to walk you through this tough process and the craziness of remodeling projects right now and we know that everybody is home we know that everybody is a little nervous with the covid-19 and the panther make and things are only going to get back to normal yes but we also want families to know that Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee that we are taking precautions to keep you in your family safe throughout this process.