Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Bucking On One Wall?

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Hey there everyone! I hope everyone is have a great start to there week. I know I am having a good week so far a lot is happening here at basement remodeling milwaukee we just signed another client to do there basement project and it is going to be a great project for us. On top of that we are growing as a company we are adding new additional team member to our family overall it has been a great week. So we are here today are going to be discussing wine cellars and bars. What will be mentioned are things discussing the differences the similarities and more. So, first off let us talk about bars, and we are not talking about the bars that we go out to but our in-home bars. They are used for many different reasons you do not have to like alcohol to get a bar there are many more possibilities for a bar than just storing alcohol. Basement remodeling milwaukee does any remodeling and loves doing bars and recreational rooms. For example bars can store snacks and drinks of all sort, and bars are usually some place where everyone congregates when people come over so having snacks and drinks for them there makes a lot of sense. Some other people put bars in there entertainment rooms where people watch movies the games on or even play recreational activities. But bars are very nice for the one aspect you don’t have to put alcohol in them but they are very nice to have around the house especially when people are over. Basement remodeling milwaukee has a knack for creating bars in homes and we love doing them they are part of the passion that makes this company proud to remodel. Now the next statement is rather obvious but has to be said wine cellar is for wine but there are different kind of cellars. What I mean by this there are very simple wine cellars or there are more extravagant cellars. So the first one that will be discussed is the simple one where you have a small cabinet that you can store all the wine with a few shelves in it. Next you have a huge closet that you create shelves and keep it ventilated. Even more extravagant ones are built in to the walls with glass doors this is the only more extravagant because the style that it is made out of. Next we are discussing ways to create both at the same time in a remodeling project which you should always check out basement remodeling milwaukee for all of your needs.So now we are going to be discussing both where there is a bar and a wine cellar in one once again so first off there is three cabinets together with a countertop that goes along the top of it this out from the wall. You then have in the wall a cooler for your alcoholic drinks then next to that you have a bigger area full of little shelves that hold bottles your are right that the wine cellar. The biggest problem is when people hear wine cellar they think of a huge room full of wine but that is not the case you can have smaller wine cellars. Which are a lot more common than people think you can have a cabinet that has maybe 4 bottles of wine and it can called a wine cellar, wine cellar is just a more fancy term for store your wine in a storage area. So you can have a bar that has a built in wine cellar as well as hold all of your other drinks or snacks as you please. For some more details I will give you another example of a bar that has a build in wine cellar to it. So this one will be more on the extravagant side of the spectrum. First picture a us shape bar full with cabinets under neath where the two long parts have five cabinets and three on the other side the reason one has three and the other has five is because the side that is part of the wall has a door leading to a room and that is the side that three cabinets on it. Well in this door you have a lot of shelves that are holding wine bottles and other things as well and the design of the cabinets is an old fashion wood carved in to posts. There are a lot of ways people go about doing things not one person is same we all know this everyone has there own opinions and has their own vision of what they want their house to look like. No one has to follow my recommendation but what I would do is something like this we would have a U shape bar that has a lift countertop so we would have bar stools to sit with a cooler for our drinks under neath on one side then have a little wine rack in a cabinet with all of our snacks this would be in the room where we watch our movies and have our game systems in that way there is no need to walk to the kitchen on the other side of the house. I would also have a television in the middle of the bar to watch the games as well as to be able to play the games and other games on the bigger television. Now this all being said we talked about wine cellars and how different they can be from what we usually are thinking of and not how they are portrayed in the movies then you have a bar and that they can small big but they do not represent the alcohol that is seen with them but can used for many more aspects then we discussed ways to combine them or whether or not we should combine them but regardless you should give basement remodeling milwaukee a call to do all the remodeling needs we can handle a wine cellar or a bar even both of them combined.