Okay here we go I realized I probably should all look at this 2 all fixed wasn’t happy with how much I have to pay and then my step dad after I bring it in I mentioned my mom she was over here you’ll see I could have fixed I’ve been doing you know the boys stuff for a while now charged you like 30 bucks sound like make sure that you would do that basement remodeling Milwaukee. anyways so if we go to we go to the see if Kayla likes I want to see what she likes she likes um if I go to Beyonce look up swimsuits see if she likes certain ones where you’re at though I’m just going to go to the homepage because cuz other than that I don’t really know where to go don’t that one text text Kayla and see where we’re at right. So there’s that all right anyways so let’s just talk text about what’s going on here I guess I could go to the last night I watched the USA by 1 the best games I’ve seen in a really long time.

I made a I made in with at the a lot of people aren’t happy with the penalty but you will say one thing that’s all we care about we keep going we will see that time if I keep talking about it I would see where at here I know I looked at the scores a little bit yesterday but then I really help if I look at the standings basement remodeling Milwaukee the Brewers and the Cubs are tied yellow Brewers and Cubs are tied for the first place in the NL Central the Brewers are just kind of on a tear right now so that’s good.  if if we if we look CLE 5 karat see Cedric Mullins had a good game Tremont see me didn’t have that great of getting ready to get on base 3 did score two runs Santander by him but he’s pretty ones usually I’ve never heard of them if I seriously come this first full year of the team needs pretty good so I guess there is that if we go to the I don’t know let’s go to the Trevor Bauer. The last I was going to cool it was basement remodeling Milwaukee here at your in your go to Los bullet see if he pitched well because.

I do like Jose Duran down for whatever reason if it’s pretty good for his standards he just doesn’t strike people out I’m Dylan cease 25 year old picture if it’s pretty good yesterday he just got with pretty good stuff I mean the series striking guys out as a pretty good rate and leave Hunter’s got the save pretty good game Tim Anderson that’s good I see after the weekend if we go to League leaders we will see that home run leader in the MLB is Vladimir Guerrero Jr followed by Fernando tatis and Ronald Acuna with 17 Jesse Winker is also probably the best hitter in the league right now stolen bases Whitney refueled is definitely still want to be Aces I just more stolen bases this year than usual Nick Castellanos and Jesse Winker move to headers are something serious I don’t know.  the remodeling Milwaukee that’s not a basement remodeling Milwaukee okay so there’s that is third in the league in batting average first in home runs for sure he’s second in RBIs Austin Meadows I know it’s just been on the tear Jesus Aguilar parently is still kind of doing his thing that’s good for him because he was struggling really bad spawn Arenado starting to heat up again so it’s kind of scary.  see the Brewers I want to see you since I’ve been doing good so good I don’t know which player thing to think which player has been clear has been hot I mean if we go recorder Birds obviously going to do the Corbin Burnes thing but curious mean you look at his stats and see Mickey join the Brewers I mean in the league since you are the Brewers in 837 old PS so definitely something that’s doing it’s really good a Christian Yelich struggled yesterday.

I know all here we go to go to All-Star voting so now we’re at the time where where I think you can actually vote isn’t Colorado it’s basement remodeling Milwaukee going to cool the American League first base see where we’re at it’s got to be black Junior I know I’ll be at Hosmer I think it’s going to be like call Jesus Aguilar stuff we make it a case for the Freeman’s up there Rhys Hoskins just want you almost have to go at this point you might have to go Reese Hoskins I think Freddie Freeman is playing really.  I think I’m going to go voice is a color for the AL I’m probably Rafael Devers looks like he’s yeah he’s kind of the guy that I’m going to go with nothing else to say I feel that we should take out at third base sorry I just went from apparently I skip second base either way I basement remodeling Milwaukee  guess we’ll do third base for the NFL all players but Adam Frazier is definitely just kind of killing it this year you’ll just have to go with Adam Frazier one is going good but Frazier’s is doing a little better. But you know I want to go with Tim Anderson but it’s probably going to have to be.

Are not a Chris Bryant probably yeah I think I’m going to go Kris Bryant I think he is he’s definitely proven himself again this year.  based we I’ll talk as well I think want to go with Marcus Blue Jays second baseman I want to go 10 liter sodas Pi MB sector Bogart’s if I keep going the actor for newbies in the row guards on the way to look at the National League I don’t really know if he’s doing that gray and Brandon Crawford’s having a very good season I have to go there’s nobody that Trevor story or Trea Turner for you and talk to you because it’s going to be. a good  basement remodeling Milwaukee.