All right here we go I guess I’m going to just start normal to talk about today I got to get a couple of these done I just to spy on doing today but we’ll see what happens I’m just going to look up I have to probably tell him that what’s the name Vadim access what his name is and 4 year body back doesn’t count. but if we keep going forward and we look at the NBA scores let’s go to NBA scores we will see that basement remodeling Milwaukee we will see that the see all the series on last night Dallas beat the Clippers there now up 2-0 in the series the Nets beat Boston in the Lakers beat the sunset series is tied if we go to the next game we will see that see that for Boston Jayson Tatum really struggled Marcus Smart played well as well as combo but that’s about it and Evan Fournier. Just going to have to see for the Nets we have Kevin Durant kind of do this thing Joe Harris shot really well Blake Griffin at 11 points Kyrie of 15 James Harden at 27 + 5 basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I understand that had 10 so there was six players in double digits and Bruce Brown and Jeff Green almost got there but very good game for Brooklyn they shot really well from the field they shot 52% 44 % from 3 only missed one out of 22 free throws that’s the stuff that scares me for when they have to play Milwaukee not a good sign we keep going with the Lakers versus the Suns if they did or said 34 and 10 so I’m not a bad game for him. LeBron added 23 points 9 assists and four rebounds in 39 minutes I feel like that’s kind of a Down game for him but still pretty good Andre Drummond added 15 points and 12 rebounds does Schroeder kind of went off and had 24 points and everything else well Marcus all got shipped in a little bit as well as Caruso and kuzma I don’t know what his deal is but I don’t think he’s that good anymore basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I never really thought he was that great but it is what it is I’m 4 look at the sun side of things Devin Booker 31 points Chris Paul and 6 so all the sons and I probably pretty disappointed in that we keep going up we see that Cameron Payne heading 9 points Devin Booker 31 Indian Trail 18 continues to be the best player in my opinion for the sun’s because he had 22 points and 10 rebounds so see look at field goal percentage is the sun still going to get their own butt Lakers out-rebounded them and they won the turnover battle so if we go to the Mavericks game again the Mavericks are up basement remodeling Milwaukee to on the Clippers Clippers are definitely in trouble. If you look at kristaps your 20 points I’ve been crazy there 13 for a maxi kleber and then Luke down here to 39 7 and 7 of course he did he can pretty much do everything he’s pretty nasty I’m Tim Hardaway Jr of 28 kind of surprising and then with the Clippers Kawhi Leonard have 41 he did all he could fall Georgia 28th on 12 rebounds 6ss so he had a great game see Reggie Jackson 15 point Marcus talking really loud in the other room I know it’s hard to concentrate. Nick Batum at nine points Rajon Rondo on it for their bench that nobody that really contributed that while it’s for it Jackson and I think he’s started I’m going to go back to team stats for that game basement remodeling Milwaukee fuel back to team stats Mavericks almost shot 60% 1 or 60% which is horrible defense for the Clippers the Clippers.

53 which is pretty good game generally and 39 per cent from 352 per cent from 3 so Clippers had they won the rebounding battle but lost the turnover battle tonight’s games see who plays the Hawks are playing at the Knicks I want the next to win the Wizards are playing against Philadelphia.¬† I don’t know why my eye look at my I bet I don’t know why my texts are not coming to to my bed interesting interesting if we going to the email and see what kind of knows I have I know I did the artist van Gogh they won’t even let me unsubscribe okay I get it 30 bucks. Justin breast yesterday they sent me a message today I don’t opt out of these messages create a message that I’m not going to do it basement remodeling Milwaukee. I do have a Red Bull today first time since like last weekend and drinking Red Bull still pretty taste pretty good but oh boy I’m going to tell him mirror rotich or the Bucks it’s a boost of it doesn’t count the others do no complaints right home right now right now I don’t hate going to work everyday lol on that it sounds like Kyle’s here they are Snapchat for my buddy he’s probably just sending me the same stuff that I always get really not much else going on I don’t want to run out of things to say what a weird thing to look look up I had to go through and look at Google let’s see there’s my dog is my home screen that’s pretty cool I’m just going to keep going and just say let’s see.

I will head he won’t basement remodeling Milwaukee¬† be in the Hall of Fame but he is very good player he’s just a prototypical leadoff hitter I want him to be but he does have a cool bottle head I forgot that’s a cool bobblehead or the one for the Cubs is cool Worthy I’m told your charging that much money for that 68 foam base as well if I look up 1 Pierre Juan Pierre MLB the Show 21 which is a player that I really like I don’t know why but what time is it going to, call our team today!