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Good morning today I had someone asked me how to fix a bathtub well to be honest im only in the office and will ill advise you as to how to fix a bathtub I didn’t have the answers however I was able to move forward in my research to better educate myself and I found a ton of new modern ideals about bathtubs first faucets what makes a faucet so expensive well we know the brand the material used and the model we also know its rarity of its kind will also make it more expensive now I can tell you my faucet is old it is super old and I probably would need a plumber to come and fix my plumbing to have a newer faucet and as I looked in my shower I noticed tile holy cows I have lots of tile frustrating little tiny tiles all over thankfully they are all the same color with no patterns in them the coordinating edges and no outlines to line up just tile that can be slapped on the walls of the shower and then around the faucet at back to basics builders we here do our research to better serve our customers there are definitely local stores and there are order online stores and large companies so many options you can go to a store that is strictly designed for faucets and you can go to stores that have multiple aisles of home improvement projects at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we find stores to better suit the customer we will research your requested material and the ideal of what you are looking for and then present to you the options we suggest at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we only want to find what you are looking for we will search and we will succeed we will find what you need we will be there for you we will bring you the joys of accessories for it is a different world as we know home remodeling has become a new improved business throughout America and hgtv has added to that business and had made it to blossom not when we look gat the faucet of a bathtub what are you looking for are you looking for less or are you looking for more I know I have three nobs to control the shower and faucet hot and cold what can you imagine what type of faucet would you need or want at back to basics builders we know there are multiple variations of faucets as there are bathtubs have you seen the bathtubs the modern chick look like I don’t think I could fit in the tub myself and maybe I could get one kid in there at a time and where on earth is the faucet and the on off switch to the water these new modern ideas are definitely taking over the tradition way of doing things as a family I remember having multiple kids in the bathtub and washing and rinsing one at a time they it was the way we did things when we had a multigenerational household living under one roof we had aunts uncles cousins brothers sisters in one house and yes it was the best part of growing up at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want you to understand practicality what is practical what isnt what can help your family function what will only add style and discomfort I promise you as I look at the more modern ideals of remodels I sometimes think where has the comfort gone in the home my home is a bit traditional where we make memories watch movies and play board games its what we do then we have some families of two who are in love with modern sleek clean styles and who travel and don’t need a home for living but more for entertaining and resting so of course their homes can be a more show and tell then others I know we use our home we eat at our home we sleep in our home we study in our home and we share memories in our home that is what we do as a family and it is exciting I love watching the kids grow and jump on their beds and I love watching them climb the ladders to their loft bed and I love watching my monkey hand from her brothers loft all these memories because I had to make their rooms practical at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want you to choose practical if you want to feel like you are standing in the rain and that is more important than brass or nickel lets start there lets start with what you are wanting from your faucet are you going to keep the traditional one you have or do you need to move around some plumbing to get a new modern faucet are you more concerned with purpose and quality than brand and model when I look at accessories I always consider how my home will be able to better function do I need a tommy Hilfiger towel to make sure I am dry after a shower nope I can buy a towel at Walmart and it can serve that purpose brand sometimes matters to families that are huge into décor and fancy homes usually when their homes become a display but when your house becomes your home you want things to serve purpose to be able to function as a whole in the place where you all share a germ and a place where you become immune to each other and a place where your heart hangs sometimes its about what service can this object provide for my family rather than how can I benefit these items can cost thousands to millions of dollars every family is different every family likes to show off their home differently at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want you to tell us what you would like to brand in your home.