Testing testing hello hello hello. Awesome I’m so happy that these are still working I charged them all night. Are you just laying in the kitchen. yeah so these are charged when I totally be able to type of everything off because I predict today. And I want to get about seven articles time today’s that I Stan attractive Michael basement remodeling Milwaukee. I got a down the past two days which was really good just because I mean send that gets me closer to my goal is getting through Yukon 4 days. I can usually you usually get 30 ton and 5 days cut my hair on Friday so I have to get some done 4 days I want to get them done. I have to be told me you did that money done them away that you needed to get 2025 done 4:30 always helps that is always my goal. And the more I said that that is you know. Payaso for the start of line wait we talking about the zebra striped rooms.

I feel like a super common for some unknown reason in lights 2000 leave early two thousands. Especially like it was like a hot pink and zebra striped room. I feel like I never did have a lot of my friends had like zebra stripe comforter isn’t like zebra stripe pillows or just some kind of zebra striped accent. And like obviously this is just like I guess it’s design style that a lot of the kids use but you can also use this and very like much modern elegant spaces. So I just like in the past just kind of Googled I’m under Google images different zebra-striped rooms. So a lot of it pops up is actually the really like tacky looking hot pink and neon green zebra stripe Thrones basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Sam’s going to come and look over those first for a bit and then I will transition to talk about how to effectively use zebra print in the modern design. So for example the first image of wanted to talk about is I mean all first of all a lot of these is zebra stripe room tour like using zebra-striped Blake wedding it’s kind of primarily what are you say I guess. I’m so stressed when I’m going to talk about is like this just a weird-looking room I guess. The bed has a zebra stripe comforter do to go potty movie yeah okay .I have see this room I was talking about the zebra print comforter and how life Sonic and his. It’s also like paired with a neon hopping like upholstered bed frame size headboard. And like the pink really pops against the silver print comforter. I think even have like a hot pink and zebra print pillows. From the looks of it they have about one two three four five six different pillows. The very first one is like a hot pink and I’m buying that one it’s just like a zebra in the mine that when there’s two medium-sized top pink ones in the by knows where to the large zebra one basement remodeling Milwaukee. Exit now looking at that picture a little bit more closely I can see that you can behind the large to prevent worms there a large hot pink ones. And I just think that it’s just a lot of zebra and hot pink 4 in space for me. But you add on to it they have an accent wall painted in zebra stripes so like the whole wall of behind the headboard is all zebra and then it looks like the rest of the walls and everywhere hot pink.

And that’s just a little bit too much for myself. But I know like back then like that was like a pretty comment style. I can recall my really good friend having so her and her sister the it was pretty much like if you can picture the just one big room. But then they had like a wall dividing it but you couldn’t get into Jenna’s room without going through Julia’s room basement remodeling Milwaukee. So they kind of like always like to seem to match their rooms together a little bit kind of. So like Julia’s room I think was like hot pink zebra and Jenna’s room was like great below zero. I’m so a lot of people just kind of like like this style at that point. I did I did have a hot pink room at one point but I did not have any as you prepare to with it. No looking at like how you can like effectively use zebra-print like modern rooms basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Like a lot of people will use like a fake zebra skin for like a rug. I don’t really person I love the look of that but like that is just how some people like that kind of style I guess. But I’m looking at this one room that I think they did a great job is working to your printing. It’s just like I guess it’s more like an abstract zebra comforter. Cuz it’s not like so I can mostly for comforters like release a little like small lines where do you land on my feet dude. but this comforter has like much of a figure zebra stripes. So it looks a little more geometric a little bit more abstract. But I think it’s easier to incorporate that because it almost looks just like black and white stripes but you can tell by the way the start smell good so I can see you for praying basement remodeling Milwaukee. And I’m I think that he did a really good job because that was like the only prints they use in the space and everything else is super neutral using like creams and white sand they use gold pieces to Accent the space as well as six and darker wood pieces. So I think they designed this room you didn’t 0 in a really taste for boy.