So pretty thirsty new Propel makes me thirsty I want to see all the catchers like I said Yvonne Rodriguez could that be the car that I save on 4 I’m not very high power guy but you’ll be something something pretty serious expensive song There is bad Gabby Rush benefit card that I want though I know that’s the card that you might be honest I don’t know how you get that card but cancel definitely one of those guys that basement remodeling Milwaukee I’m pretty sure he’s got good power pretty decent Fielding yeah I think Ian says the most the guy that you have to go 4 Countrywood ricardian second-half card size 91 / all right now is 35000 pretty expensive I’ll take a long time to save up for but you want to get them to the guy you want to get it see I can look and see Carrie Carter I know you can win over time but his eyes don’t get I don’t think that card is very good at all so you’ll be putting away more work than it’s absolutely absolutely necessary for that one basement remodeling Milwaukee.

We also have good luck we also have of course Salvador Perez an electrical I don’t know they like that card with the Trevor standard he’s very good with everything else not much I really like those cards were there only good against one type of what type of picture Right Guard see the self-reproach Grey Cup ring the power pretty little contact with the gold filled over that car isn’t that great definitely have that money for catchers Cathy rush move copy the best one but I know he’s expensive paste 3000 about if you look at your contact power all you got time and everything so I really might give a move if you look at it he’s got time deselect contact with right hand.  I got 87 or 85 contact versus lefties power and you can get all that stuff in the van it ladies at the Carlyle him Cuban 2 so he’s okay speed for cancer so that YouTubers onto something when they use when they use at the Russian as their basement remodeling Milwaukee catcher, if I keep going no see that the Matt Wieters card I mean no one’s pretty expensive good contact power nothing to make Kyle not talking loud enough good luck at work see Jorge Posada what is he doing against ice pretty good headers.

I might be the guy I don’t know Jorge Posada on the show is coming soon I don’t know what see if you look it up on Google the rink seasons re-season to what ends today at 5 Eastern so we’ll see where basement remodeling Milwaukee  everything is but everything else is the second inning clear program by turn the volume down on this just in case motorized by my player maybe after with the stolen car. See what see what is it the Jacob Stallings card everything else low see you got to wake up Sanchez card Jacob Stallings yeah he’s not very good adley rutschman it would have to be home cuz he’s got time in the both but we’ll see how that goes you know best players to flip right now play Cut self that Tasker Hernandez card and just come out put up with the Dare Buddha said if we go to the movie scores we will see that we can see that yesterday’s left of the Mets won right yep.

So Seattle beat Cleveland Bieber got the loss Seattle exit pretty good heading game even though they’re probably the worst that a team in the league look we got caught for their shortstop JB Crawford at 3 hits an RBI how see your family had a good game nothing basement remodeling Milwaukee  really nothing really too crazy on their pictures actually to beginning so they dumb puppy berdych struggle Kohl’s if you have Carlos Martinez he is a pitcher for the Cardinals over when he first started there really like pretty high in them Cosentino that’s who it is first baseman catcher use a Silver Slugger in 2019 Cleveland play some pretty good for a while now the great this year he’s doing okay I’ll see the last time you took catcher last time he caught the game was in 2014 he caught 11 games 93 Innings so when he first came up heated split time as I catch my first baseman 2012 use doing that to 2013 2012 the more time you got to first base with production went up so where’s that at the Rays beat the Orioles seven one that’s really no surprise there we will see that pretty surprising to see that the grand Prime.  Corbin Bernsen spin rate went down basement remodeling Milwaukee look at the Orioles Ilya 2 heads one was from Stewart and one was from I like a I’ve never really heard that guy at 4 but there is more going to 4 ideas with 145 rows.

Arena had a homerun for RBIs so that’s probably pretty big game-changer on walls had a few good head so of course race trailer starting shortstop and since then play everybody has a all the Blue Jays deep sleep destroy the Red Sox they had 20 hits 18 runs with Red Sox score for four runs on six hits and see if it’s poorly for the Marcus semien through Atlanta home runs to ask her for it to be real help 1 Center unit 1 – 1/2 1B go hit 1 Carrero at 1 and told us that one so see more home runs apply gray junior is still just doing his thing.  basement remodeling Milwaukee there’s also panicked panic and forgot he played for the Giants I believe is a perfect match for a little bit but all wrong guy. Good thing i did not copy and paste because unfortunately or however you spell it is it was not long enough. Have a specific design in mind? Or perhaps you’d like to design your basement country chic or modern? Give us a call and let our team know!